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Work towards reaching a common goal - to provide a safe and secure environment. Teamwork is a way of life at CoreCivic.

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Reentry is going to happen for most inmates - the question is: What can we do to ensure they don’t experience recidivism?

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A team of more than 400 professionals is dedicated to serving and guiding the operations of our company.

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At CoreCivic, we value our veterans leadership and technical skills, as well as their commitment to service. Join our team of heroes today.

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Work as a provider, nurse, or other health care professional and help patients get the best care.

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Facility Management

Our facility leaders play an integral role as emissaries of our Purpose, Mission & Values to our partners & employees.

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Travel Duty

Travel Duty Officers will help support operational needs through deployed staffing to cover vacant posts or provide reinforcement staff where needed.

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We employ teachers, vocational instructors & Chaplains at our facilities who share our passion to better the lives of others.

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Recent Job Opportunities

Clinical Supervisor Nashville, TN US 6-22-2021
Monitor I, Community Corrections OKLAHOMA CITY, OK US 7-3-2020
Academic Instructor Lecanto, FL US 9-5-2019
Administrative Clerk Clifton, TN US 9-5-2019
Administrative Clerk Shelby, MT US 9-5-2019
Administrative Clerk Hartsville, TN US 9-5-2019
Administrative Clerk Henderson, TX US 9-5-2019
Administrative Clerk Clifton, TN US 9-5-2019
Academic Instructor Whiteville, TN US 9-5-2019
Academic Instructor Whiteville, TN US 9-5-2019
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