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CoreCivic Programs

CoreCivic Programs

CoreCivic provides programs in our adult secure and reentry facilities that address the spiritual, educational and future employment needs of those in our care. We prepare them for a future in society by giving them the skills and education they need to succeed in life.

To accomplish this mission we employ teachers, vocational instructors and Chaplains at our facilities who share our passion to better the lives of others, and who are committed to making a difference.

Articles about our programs:

From 2012 through 2016 CoreCivic's Programs have:

  • Taught career & technical programs that lead to over 26,000 Industry Recognized Certificates.
  • Provided faith based programs for inmates on an array of topics and religious beliefs.
  • Supported reentry residents through job placement, job skills classes, parenting classes and substance use disorder counseling, among other programs.

If you are an experienced educator or tradesperson, or a licensed religious leader CoreCivic offers you an opportunity to impact the lives of those who need it the most.

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